Ribs and BBQ Sauce (BBQ)

Ribs and BBQ Sauce (BBQ)

Postby gary » Sun May 26, 2013 11:45 am

BBQ’s Ribs and BBQ Sauce

My bbq sauce recipes are not exact. A lot depends on what I have around at any given time.

This recipe contained:

Thai Sweet Red Chili (a dipping and cooking sauce – comes in a bottle), about half a cup
Ketchup – about 1/3rd of a cup
Dry Keen’s Mustard Powder – a good heaping teaspoonful
A few shakes of Soy Sauce
A half dozen shakes of Worcestershire Sauce
About the same amount of vinegar

Normally I would add brown sugar, but this one contained only about a tablespoonful of honey.

Once made I tasted it to adjust for salt and pepper. It really didn’t need much.

Because the Thai Sweet Red Chili sauce is very flavourful by itself I didn’t need to add all the other ingredients I would normally add, e.g. garlic, chili flakes.

It was really really tasty, and you could certainly adjust to suit your own taste.

I cooked the ribs from the frozen state too! Well wrapped with heavy duty foil at 250 degrees for about 3 hours. Then I opened up the foil and brushed some of the sauce over, covered with foil again and popped the ribs back into the oven again for another couple of hours. By this time of course they were cooked, so I opened up the foil, brushed generously with most of the rest of the sauce, left the foil open, and put them back into the oven for another 20 minutes or so. It all sounds complicated but really the physical aspect of it is very small – the oven does all the work.

The meat fell off the bones. Hubby said they were absolutely delicious. I enjoyed them too, and was very pleased with the sauce.

I heated the remainder of the sauce in the microwave and served it separately.
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