Gravy Method (BBQ)

Gravy Method (BBQ)

Postby gary » Sun May 26, 2013 11:47 am

BBQ’s Gravy Method:

Start with fat/drippings from whatever meat you’re cooking.
Add flour, cook for a few minutes on medium to cook the ‘flour taste’ out, then add stock. I mostly use some of the cooking liquid from potatoes and veggies, and also chicken stock, (as we like the flavour better than beef or veg stock). This is a bit of guess-work because a lot depends on how much fat, how much flour, how runny or thick you want your gravy. Depending on the colour you’re looking for, (lighter gravy for lighter meat!), I will add enough drops of Crosse & Blackwell gravy browning to produce the right colour. I then taste and adjust the seasoning as necessary.

That’s the basic method, and you can go from there – add red wine, white wine, whatever you like.

If I have a lot of dripping then I will make a big batch of gravy and freeze it in individual portions.

For onion gravy I will saute sliced onions separately and then add the gravy to them.
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