overwintering Brugs

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Re: overwintering Brugs

Postby Katya » Mon Jul 14, 2014 1:17 am

Oh well, thanks for the encouragement any way. I was told just ordinary fish fertilizer, so I actually have REAL fish fertilizer, taking the advice literally. Where is Lulu?

Its so danged hot I have to water everything twice a day. We have water restrictions in the land of castlegar, so I am en flagrante desprinklero. Someone might have to send me a cake with a file in it.

Re: overwintering Brugs

Postby Lulu » Mon Jul 14, 2014 7:22 am

Just got back from Nova Scotia.

Wow, talk about patience, Kat! I'd have composted it after three years of not blooming! The only exception would be a brand new plant from seed,,then, they'd get maybe 5 years! Did a major cull of the non performers last year. Sometimes it just happens,,not sure why?

Having said that, if you've kept it this long, may as well try a few more things to tease some blooms out of it. A little late for this year, but, if you're going to keep it, try giving it a major trim next spring, ensuring you leave the "Y" intact. Maybe change the soil; it has to be light and airy soil. Check your pot sometimes they will hesitate if the pot is too big or too small; too big,,they want to fill it up with roots first,,too small is self explanatory. Sometimes aunts or earwigs will set up housekeeping in the pot. A little root pruning sometimes scares them into blooming; the thought on plant and root pruning is that if you injure a plant, it'll do everything in it's power to hurry to bloom, since that is their main purpose-to reproduce.

The fish water should be a real treat for them, as is compost tea. One of my friends has a horse farm, and makes a fairly strong "pony poo" tea for his brugs. If you have any unsulphured molasses, you could add some to a tea concoction. If you are shopping, look for fertilizer with a high middle number; the Super Store/President's choice have one kind out that promotes blooms.

Can you take and post a picture of it? Not sure what I can tell from a pic, but, it's worth a try! Sorry I can't be more specific!
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Re: overwintering Brugs

Postby Katya » Thu Jul 17, 2014 4:01 pm

Thanks, I can post a pix sure but looks healthy with multiple stems. But if its just not going to flower, then its bye bye. I followed all the directions from last year on this one. Its got good light mix of sea soil and peat based Sunshine mix. I dont think I missed any steps. Not easy to find them here. It really has not flowered for over 15 years

But thanks for responding Lulu. '


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