Fall/Winter Garden

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Fall/Winter Garden

Postby madamezil » Tue Sep 02, 2014 11:01 am

Well, it has finally cooled down here somewhat. I took this as an opportunity to get in my Fall garden.

Planted are:
8 Golden Cross cabbages
9 January King cabbages
6 Buttercrunch lettuce
12 Bok Choi
2 beds Samish spinach
1 bed Hakurei turnips
2 planter boxes Arugula

I love cool weather gardening and will usually start up at the end of February each year.

There are plenty of veggies left in the garden from Summer, and the Food Bank has been the recipient of a lot of our harvest. It's really great to go up to the drop-off and see boxes of tomatoes, squash, beans, cabbages that gardeners have grown extra of for the Food Bank.

Next year, I would like to keep track of how many pounds of produce we have taken from our garden. Just curious. Anybody else cold weather garden?
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