Has anyone started any veggies yet?

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Re: Has anyone started any veggies yet?

Postby Lizzy » Wed Jul 27, 2016 3:48 pm

am wishing I had planted the French Fingerling potatoes...I seem to do better with potatoes!

Still haven't harvested grape tomatoes. All of my tomatoes hold steady at dark green stage.

Did plant Borage, got one plant doing very nicely...so far haven't seen any bees at it tho. I have loads of bees in lavender and Phlox tho so not feeling deprived!

Yellow beans are doing great in container with French Market carrots...I have yet to pull out/thin a carrot to see if anything is happening there. Since I planted only one bean plant, and it is loaded, I should have planted more!

My little round cucumbers taste lovely...every one of the three poor battered plants is doing its utmost to make me happy. I slice these onto salmon, egg salad, sandwiches, rather than using lettuce all the time...lovely crunch and very good taste too.

I actually HAVE sunflowers! Mine are the lower kind, bushy, several blooms per. However I have only one with a flower, so far. And, the Cosmos are doing very well, more flower buds. Considering they are the same kind of Cosmos I used to plant in ground where they didn't bloom till late September, I am really pleased...these are in a box, NOT in-ground.

Keep up the Good Work, Madamezil...wish I could see your gardens, they sound just super to me!
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