For Dave: Predatory Wasp Update

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For Dave: Predatory Wasp Update

Postby madamezil » Thu Jul 10, 2014 1:20 pm

At the risk of making a spectacle of myself again this year by standing out in the yard with a butterfly net, I contacted the beekeeper for West Coast Seeds. As some of you recall, last year I had a problem with predatory wasps killing the honeybees. The beekeeper said that there wasn't much you could do, but to try some of those fake wasp nests. I hung one in the lavender patch and one in the goldenrod/bee balm. Lo and behold, I have SEEN one predatory wasp so far and no killings that I know of. Coincidence? Maybe. But I'll take it whatever it is. :D
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Re: For Dave: Predatory Wasp Update

Postby davefrombc » Thu Jul 10, 2014 2:35 pm

Yellow jackets will prey on a beehive , but if the bee colony is strong, they normally fend off the attacks. They usually aren't a problem for bee keepers here. I haven't kept bees since the varroa mites and tracheal mites arrived here via imported bee colonies from the US. Since they came in,it has become expensive to try to protect against them and subsequently buying a starter colony of bees has become expensive also.. Much as I'd like to have another beehive, I won't get one unless I can get a free swarm somewhere..The commercial beekeepers keep pretty tight control on their bees now, so there are seldom any swarms to catch .. I still have all my equipment and registration. I have never used the fake wasp nests myself , so I have no idea how effective they really are . I have a lot of yellow jackets around here, but they don't bother me , and I don't bother them.. The few in my solarium take some other insects, but certainly don't get all the others. The insects the wasps kill are actually used to feed their brood..Adult wasps are mainly nectar eaters.
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