Moving Orchids outside

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Moving Orchids outside

Postby mebbie » Sun May 31, 2015 7:39 am

How do you feel about this?
I did lose one a few years back to mites from that move.
I'm thinking that the sun lovers may be happier as we close the blinds to the sun these days.

Re: Moving Orchids outside

Postby Lizzy » Sun May 31, 2015 5:55 pm

Mine went out on the back porch a couple of weeks ago (remember I'm right on the west coast, zone 8 b+) They get morning sun, afternoon shade, and late afternoon baking temperatures from the glaring sun.

I spray them daily with the Mist setting on the hose. I feed them once a week, orchid food. I've got one that was coming back into bloom just before I put it outside, and it is still bringing on new blooms. Nothing on the other 5 yet...but, early days!

Daytime temps are from 20 to 34 C (thermometer on back porch out of sun) and nighttime, about 12 - 15.

Indoors/wintertime, I keep them in a western-facing window, one of which really doesn't get any direct sun as there is a building and tree next door.

They are all on a small table, very close together (for warmth and company!) slightly below the top railing/porch, and well out of winds.

I have never had a mite problem indoors or out, and I've been putting them and other houseplant out for approx. 12 years now. Four years for the orchids, that was when I started on orchids.

The three Epephylleum (sp) plants ...hanging baskets, went out 2 and 1 week ago...blooms began on two of them almost immediately.

The "Christmas" cactus does not like to go outside at all, so I don't insist. (Christmas my eye, it comes into bloom constantly, year round.)

The cactus collection is on the front porch which has shade all day...thriving...and they spend the winter in an east-facing window with bright sun when it deigns to grace us. They all thrive.
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